With a network of over 180 production and service sites in over 50 countries, our diverse workforce is comprised of cutting-edge and highly-qualified employees across the business including executives, engineers, salespeople, shop and administrative personnel. 

We know from experience, that diverse teams are stronger and we are tackling the gender gap in what has been a largely male-dominated industrial manufacturing and services industry. 

Our diverse workforce is comprised of cutting-edge and highly-qualified employees across the business including executives, engineers, salespeople, shop and administrative personnel.

We embrace a diverse workforce where people of different cultural backgrounds, nationalities, genders and ages collaborate together and share ideas across the company. These collaborations are reflections of our values; committed people and operational excellence that enable us, our customers and our partners to win.

Close collaboration with academic institutions has enabled Sulzer to attract talented young women to build our teams and foster cultural exchange through job rotation programs, internships, short-term assignments and temporary relocations. These programs help to facilitate our experienced employees to work closely with apprentices and younger professionals to share and embrace different viewpoints.

Sulzer is committed to improving diversity in the workplace
To further develop the strengths and diversity of our employees, we have implemented the following initiatives and recognize our employees who are committed to improving diversity at the workplace
Scholarship for women in science and engineering

These scholarships, in collaboration with universities in South Africa, Indonesia, China, India and Brazil, offer exciting opportunities for female students studying engineering, technology and science. These scholarships ultimately aim to support and increase the participation of women in the engineering industry.

Learning pathways

Sulzer Learning Pathways is a global framework for ongoing development to improve long-term career opportunities with 500 employees starting their journey this year.

Gender gap analysis

Initiated gender pay gap analysis as an effort to close the gap wherever possible. Sulzer is committed to continue reporting our gender pay gap over the forthcoming years and to take actions.

Mentoring / training
Mentoring and trainings

We offers mentoring and training opportunities to develop management skills among its employees. The training program has been proven to be highly successful and is encouraging more young women to enter engineering fields.

Internship program

Also we offer an internship program for engineering students where a select group of engineering students will be invited to select our site to tour the facility and interview for a summer engineering internship.


Cause sponsorship
In 2020, Sulzer is the bronze sponsor for the second annual Empowering Women in Industry Conference and Awards. This event celebrates the success and impact that businesswomen have, as well as helping to create the next generation of female leaders in an inspiring and encouraging environment.
  • Empowering women in industry
    Our goal is to connect, educate, and empower women. For many of us, we learned to navigate a male-dominated industry without female role models. We want to use our network to share experience and expertise, to help women do this more efficiently.

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