Wind turbines

Continuous operation through rapid repair

Sulzer has extensive capabilities and knowledge in the overhaul, rewind, and mechanical repair of wind turbine generators. We are the ideal partner for maintaining and servicing your equipment in a timely and professional manner.

We have extensive knowledge in overhauling wind turbine generators
We can work within the tower to save you time and money
We can work within the tower to save you time and money

Key benefits of our wind turbine generator repairs:

  • Bearing replacements are performed within the tower (where space is available).
  • Support kits enable quick response and maximize turbine availability.
  • Our technical teams can redesign your solution when appropriate in order to improve both electrical and mechanical systems within the generator.
  • Root cause analysis and 24-hour customer support are provided across our global network of locations.

Wind turbine technology has evolved rapidly over recent years. Our cost-effective and innovative solutions help you maintain your wind turbine generators in optimal condition.

We have comprehensive experience in the repair of wind turbines from European manufacturers. We carry out all processes in house—including coil manufacturing—to minimize lead times.

We can also store your completed generators, making regular electrical and mechanical checks to ensure your equipment is ready to use when required.

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