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Valuable services for the entire lifecycle of your equipment

Sulzer's online service allows you to access equipment-related information in an easy-to-use internet-based service anytime, anywhere. You will have instant access to materials such as technical product documentation and drawings. You can also track your product condition, view the equipment trend data, identify spare parts, check spare parts availability, place an order with us or view your order status. Sulzer's online service helps you to increase productivity, efficiency and cost savings by automating information sharing processes.

DMAIC thinking meaning as Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control
PumpsOnline allows you to
  • Have instant, secure access to the equipment information and related service 24/7 (https://pumpsonline.sulzer.com/)
  • Reduce the time needed to keep up with equipment-related information
  • Reduce the costs associated with business transactions due to better availability of information
PumpsOnline services
  • Asset management for detailed information about your equipment
  • Sulzer Sense condition monitoring for Sulzer Sense customers
  • Webshop for online spare parts orders
  • Order status and history
Asset management
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Asset management service allows you to access detailed equipment data such as bill of materials and product configuration throughout the lifetime of your product. Sulzer will keep records of delivered equipment up to date, and the information is available to you 24/7. After the initial delivery, all changes to the product can be updated in the service.

Through the asset management service, Sulzer’s customers will have access not only to the technical details of the equipment but also to complete and recent product documentation in up to 29 languages. Whenever there is a new revision of the document, you can be sure you have the latest documentation available.

To make the use of the service as easy as possible, we can even build your plant hierarchy (departments etc.) into the asset management and allocate equipment to your own mill or plant structure. The asset management is not limited to products manufactured by Sulzer, and if needed, we can also include other manufacturers’ equipment in the service. With this service you can significantly reduce costs related to data management.

Condition monitoring
Infographic of Sense installed in pump
Wireless sensors attached to the equipment measure temperature and tri-axial vibration, which Sulzer Sense gateway sends to the condition monitoring service.

Sulzer Sense condition monitoring is a unique solution that, in combination with the Sulzer's monitoring service, allows you to remotely view the status of your equipment.

Sulzer's condition monitoring service allows you to optimize preventive maintenance and enables troubleshooting by identifying abnormal vibrations or high temperatures at an early stage. With the help of the Sulzer condition monitoring service, you can easily detect issues such as potential imbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing wear.

Since the solution is cloud-based, you can access the most recent measurement data anytime, anywhere. The results, trends, analyses and alarms are always available to you, wherever you are

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PumpsOnline webshop offers you an easy, user-friendly platform to place spare parts orders. Spare parts prices and inventory levels can be found through the service.

Webshop supports product-specific configurable features such as pump impeller diameters, flange drillings and various sealing options. Webshop is integrated seamlessly into other PumpsOnline services such as the asset management service. To identify the required parts in asset management, you just need to know your equipment id.

Sulzer's PumpsOnline webshop is currently available in the USA.

Order status and history
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Sulzer's online service offers you easy-to-use tools to follow the order status or view your order history at any time. All orders, online or traditional, are shown in the online service. There is no need to call or email your local Sulzer representative to check the order status.

The order status and history service are currently available in the USA.

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