• Operational reliability for your equipment
  • Increased performance in your operations
  • Minimized downtimes of your plant
  • Technical solutions tailored to the customer
Core competencies
    • 24/7 emergency response coverage
    • Our comprehensive workshop facilities in Ekaterinburg are fully equipped to overhaul and repair all types of rotating machinery
    • Application of ultra-thin corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, sealing and heat-shielding coatings
    • Management services for long-term service agreements

At Sulzer, we believe in not only repairing components but upgrading them for future performance. Our unique technologies and skilled personnel allow us to upgrade equipment performance and material in line with changing process requirements. The Ekaterinburg service center’s skilled field personnel engage in on-site overhauls, installation and commissioning work, machinery diagnostics, troubleshooting.

See below the resources and facilities at the disposal of each location.

Turbo services
Dimensional measurements via 3D scanning

Our competencies

Full range of services to repair parts from Siemens and General Electric energy gas turbines of any degree of complexity.

Our unique and cutting-edge technologies

Sulzer has developed its own technical solutions to increase reliability and performance of your equipment. We are leading in the area of restorative repair of energy gas turbines hot gas path parts.


Abradable coating application by Atmospheric Plasma Spray
  • Abrasive treatment
  • X-ray
  • Heat treatment (atmospheric and vacuum furnaces)
  • Mechanical restoration
  • Coatings application (APS/HVOF and VPS/LPPS)
  • 3D-scanner
  • Various measuring tool
Grinding and profiling of nozzle segments

Complete inventory of equipment

The service center is fully equipped to perform all operations to refurbish gas turbine hot gas path parts.

Our production capacity

We can repair up to 60 sets of gas turbine parts per year.


General view of the Service Center

Benefit from pioneer in Russia

Since the beginning our services are continuously growing:

  • 3'000 gas turbine parts repaired in our service center
  • 560'000 gas turbine run-hours on parts repaired
Pump services
Inspection of Ahlstar pump
Inspection of an Ahlstar pump.

Resources and facilities

  • Vibration and temperature measurement
  • Acoustic control
  • Dynamic balancing of pumps' and shafts weighing up to 100 kg
  • Assembly, disassembly and repair of pumps
  • Tools for diagnostics and alignment of equipment


The following certified management systems are implemented to ensure the highest quality standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001

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