Submersible drainage pump XJ 40

Perfect impeller rotation ensures reduced wear over time

The submersible drainage pump XJ 40 is ideal for pumping water and dirty water mixed with light abrasives. Pumps with built in AquaTronic unit will always have correct direction of impeller rotation, ensuring peak performance and reduced wear.

Submersible drainage pump XJ 40
Main benefits
  • Plug-and-pump installation without having to worry about overheating.
  • Reliable, trouble-free operation also at low water levels.
  • Pumps with built-in AquaTronic unit will adjust incorrect phase order, ensuring correct impeller rotation.
  • Modular design increases serviceability and makes it easy to convert the pump for different hydraulic requirements. Pumps with built-in AquaTronic can be checked without disassembly, using its service software.
  • XJ 40 ND medium head 3-phase
  • XJ 40 ND AT* medium head 3-phase
  • XJ 40 HD high head 3-phase
  • XJ 40 HD AT* high head 3-phase

Weight: 42 kg (93 lb)

*AquaTronic: Built in electronic pump control.

AquaTronic option

The AquaTronic unit (AT) replaces the built-in contactor in the basic pump configurations and ensures that the motor always rotates correctly, no matter how the phases are connected. Key benefits of the AquaTronic unit include:

  • Correction of motor rotation if phases are improperly connected
  • Run mode (no panel needed)
  • Integrated start equipment (direct or soft start depending on pump model)
  • Motor protection against high temperature, high amperage and missing phase
  • Anti-clog function


If the pump is also equipped with an optional level sensor, AquaTronic provides:

  • Precise level control
  • Protection against dry running
  • Energy save mode (energy is saved through stopping at dry run and starting by level sensor)


AquaTronic service diagnostic program

Connecting a PC to the AquaTronic unit via USB cable provides access to the service diagnostic program, which offers:

Pump status data, pump operating history, pump failure history, pump service/maintenance history, digital manual and spare part documentation


AquaPlug and AquaTronic control panel

AquaPlug and AquaTronic control panel are options that combine with AquaTronic to provide additional alarm and start/stop functions, as well as indications for important parameters.

Starting method and motor protection

XJ40 AT: Direct on line start (DOL 230-550 V 50 Hz / 230-575 V 60 Hz) with built in AquaTronic unit, which automatically adjusts phase order by dual contactors, ensuring correct motor rotation.
The AquaTronic unit monitors motor temperature, by use of NTC thermistors built into stator windings, and stops the motor at high temperature. It will also stop the motor at high amperage or if a phase is missing.

XJ40: Direct on line start with built in contactor. Pumps to be used with VFD or 1,000 V must have terminal block instead of contactor. Thermal switches (140ºC / 284ºF, ±5) built into the stator windings are connected to the contactor and stops the pump at high temperature.

Discharge connections

2 1/2”, 3” (standard), 4” hose connections

2 1/2”, 3”, 4” G/B.S.P. threaded connections

2 1/2", 3", 4" NPT threaded connections