See clearly with our BLUE BOX: visible energy efficiency, now

Efficiency, performance and reliability are key to your success. Sulzer invites you to take your business one step further with the BLUE BOX™, an innovative, integrated and intelligent tool to make your energy efficiency visible and get near real-time pumping challenge identification and solutions.

Data analysis with he BLUE BOX by Sulzer
Get the most out of your asset with the BLUE BOX
Get the most out of your asset with the BLUE BOX™
In today’s fast-paced environment, oil and gas, power and water companies are constantly pressured to reduce costs and increase throughput. The BLUE BOX™ by Sulzer is a set of services  which creates value for customers by:
  • Providing near real-time visibility
  • Allowing more effective processes
  • Increasing productivity and reliability

Get the most out of your assets

It consists of three modules:
Data acquisition

1) Data acquisition | to evaluate the actual efficiency and reliability

  • Possibility to build on your own data acquisition system by adding variables if needed
  • Module easily integrated in your process
  • Secure data handling and client access
Data analysis

2 ) Data analysis | to identify bad performer and actor pumps

  • User-friendly panel providing a complete overview of all relevant data
  • Near real-time bad performers and actors identification
  • Efficiency and reliability visibility to further optimize current operation
Targeted actions

3) Targeted actions | to modernize equipment through retrofit

  • Standard and cost-effective repair or maintenance can be performed
  • Your pumping equipment can be replaced
  • Customized retrofit with minimal disruption can be implemented

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