Unit dose 0.5 ml

Hygienic single-use system

The unit dose 0.5ml is very economical as there is no unnecessary material wastage thanks to the integrated Mixpac™ T-Mixer mixing technology. This product guarantees reliable, high-quality mixing results and prevents cross-contamination.

Sulzer Mixpac Dental Unit Dose 0.5ml Single Use
Customer benefits
  • Efficient and hygienic application for the patient
  • Outlets secure separation of the two material components
  • Safe unlocking of the product before use, easily visible product status
  • The integrated T-MixerTM is designed for perfect mixing results
  • Safe system solution, reliable in quality and safety
Product advantages
  • Hygienic single-use
  • No cross-contamination
  • Safety seal (lock/unlock indication)
  • Latest mixing technology with short and compact design
  • Superior MixpacTM quality, developed in Switzerland
Sulzer Mixpac Dental Unit Dose 0.5ml Instruction for use

Ready-to-use system

The unit dose 0.5ml does not require any additional mixing tip, since a T-Mixer™ is already integrated. So the system has only to be activated and is immediately ready to use.

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