Twist’n’brush™ - Single Dose Polyfoil® Tube with MBA™ Applicator

A perfect match!

The Twist’n’brush™ tube expertly combines Neopac’s proven Twist’n’use™ system for single application with the extremely fine micro-bristle applicator from Sulzer Mixpac™. Twist’n’brush™ allows simple, precise and hygienic application for consumers.
In collaboration with Neopac AG.

Healthcare Applicator Sulzer Twist n Brush
Main benefits
  • Easy to use single dose tube offering combined deposition and application in a simple gesture (no finger use needed)
  • Increased precision of application: precise track or dot, reaching hidden areas; adjusted rigidity and perfect resilience
  • Hygienic and pure, using only pharma grades
  • System easy to process (standard tube bottom filling) and to use (intuitive for patients)
  • Offers premium protection level thanks to Polyfoil® tube (Protection against light, Diffusion-tight, Excellent moisture and oxygen barrier, High impermeability to organic and chemical substances, Corrosion-resistant)
  • High aesthetics due to all-around printing and restoring force
  • Various decoration possibilities
Applications examples
  • Skin care products, dermatology
  • Wound treatments
  • Nail and cuticle treatments
  • Foot care
  • Ears, nose, mouth and labial care
  • Dental products
  • Hair and scalp treatments
  • Animal health
  • Diagnosis
MBA Healthcare Sulzer Precision

When the tube is turned, the inner pin is released and the content can be applied in a targeted manner. The Twist’n’brushTM allows a precise deposition + a precise application of product, in hygienic manner, with a single gesture, without fingers touching. This unique added-value single dose device features:

  • A precise, flow-through microbristle applicator (MBATM)
  • A highly protective Polyfoil® tube (excellent protection against moisture, oxygen)
  • A tamper evident system: when the tube is turned, the inner pin is released and the content can be applied in a targeted manner

Key Characteristics

  • Content: from 1ml up to 13 ml
  • Tube body: Polyfoil®
  • Diameter: 10/13.5/16 mm
  • Cap: PP
  • Micro-bristle: Adaptor PP / bristles LDPE (42 micro bristles per applicator, density of bristles: 2,8 bristles/mm², micro bristle surface area: 14,75 mm²)
Twist n Brush Healthcare Sulzer
Healthcare Applicator Sulzer Twist n Brush

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