It is so easy to save material

The new, shorter T-Mixer™ generation reduces material waste in the mixing tip by up to 40% as compared with today's 2K mixing tips.

Overview T-Mixer Sulzer Mixpac Dental Mixing Tip
Customer benefits
  • Reduced material waste volume
  • More homogeneous mixing results enhances application safety
  • No change in working environment
Product advantages
  • Innovative mixer design allows more compact shape
  • Advanced technology leads to more efficient material processing
  • Fully compatible to MIXPAC™ Systems
T-Mixer comparison helix Mixing Tip

T-Mixer surpasses helix

Dental experts are agreed: The T-Mixer generation is the world's best proven helix mixing tip generation. With consistent handling and invariable homogeneous and perfect mixing results, the significantly lower material loss is an essential aspect of T-Mixer: users save valuable material.

New geometry optimizes the mixing result

The latest mixing geometry revolutionizes the principle of static mixing. The T-Mixer combines shear force and strain flow.

The individual molecules and polymer chains are distributed more homogeneously, which achieves perfect reactivity of the material.

  • The combination of shear and strain optimizes molecular networking
  • Higher mixing quality with the same number of elements
  • Optimized material flow properties with low force applied
Dental Advisor 2014-2017 Medals Overview

Outstanding quality

MIXPAC™ T-Mixer was distinguished by The Dental Advisor as “excellent”. The innovation T-Mixer was repeated Product Award Winner and sparked enthusiasm among experts.

  • 67 % of consultants found the mixer to be better than conventional 2-K dental mixers
  • 83 % would change immediately to the new MIXPAC™ T-Mixer
  • 87 % would recommend the new MIXPAC™ T-Mixer to a colleague
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