Piston technology

Our smooth gliding piston range

Sulzer’s QUADRO™ system offers various piston technologies. Self-bleeding pistons offer the convenience and efficiency of one-step piston insertion. Our weldable pistons offer the convenience of shimless piston insertion, and our solid pistons utilize the traditional shim air bleeding technique.

Two QUADRO™ Piston
Range of QUADRO™ pistons
Sulzer Mixpac offers a wide range of pistons for various types of cartridges.
QUADRO™ self-bleeding pistons
QUADRO™ self-bleeding pistons speed up cartridge filling by about 25 %, exhausting the most complete air possible.

Self-bleeding piston:

During insertion, the micro-valve bleed button is activated, causing almost all the air [CE1] between the piston face and the filled material to escape. This one-step insertion process typically speeds up cartridge filling by about 25%, and yields just about the most complete air exhaustion possible!

QUADRO™ weldable piston
QUADRO™ weldable piston prevents the possibility of shim damage to the piston lip seals during insertion.

Weldable piston:

During insertion, air escapes through a molded-in vent hole. After the piston is set in place, a hot tip is used to heat seal the vent closed. This piston type avoids the possibility of shim damage to the piston lip seals during insertion, which could cause leaking. This is especially important with very thin materials.

QUADRO™ solid piston
QUADRO™ solid piston for a proper escape of the air while the piston is set in place

Solid piston:

During insertion, a shim is placed along the inner wall of the cartridge barrel, allowing air to escape while the piston is set in place. The shim is then withdrawn. It is recommended that a Teflon shim (preferably flat) be used to minimize the possibility of lip seal damage.

Since a correct setting of the pistons is essential for a leak-free cartridge, we strongly recommend following the instructions relating to the use of 2-K cartridges and double syringes.

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