Peeler technology

Helping you peel back all your adhesive needs

The QUADRO™ Peeler is a 2-component cartridge that can be used with the most common 1-component dispensers and therefore also be deployed for a wide range of industrial and construction applications such as anchoring, structural adhesives and processing of 2-component PU adhesives.

Peeler Application image
Peeler Cross Section
The QUADRO™ Peeler cartridge consists of an inner and outer tube containing both components.


The Peeler cartridge is filled and sealed in a similar way to a conventional coaxial cartridge. Filling and inserting the pistons can therefore be carried out using standard equipment either manually or automatically.

The Peeler "cutter" is inserted in the back of the filled cartridge. During dispensing, the Peeler "cutter" cuts and bends the inner tube around the peeler. The "Peeled" inner tube is fed between the outer tube and the plunger of the dispensing gun, thus making space for the forward movement of the plunger. Operation of the Peeler system is so smooth, the user might not even realize they are using a 2-component cartridge!

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