Painless steel (metric thread)

Siliconized cannula for smooth application

The Painless Steel Dental Injection Needles are disposable and sterile needles for the delivery of anesthetic. Each hub has a bevel marking for an optional injection position that reduces the risk of tissue damage. Each needle- container has a sterility heat-seal, LOT No. and expiration date. The Painless Steel Injection Needles are certified and manufactured according to European Standard ISO/ DIN 7885.

Package and painless steel needles in green, yellow and red
  • Three-edge lancet grinding
  • Siliconized cannula
  • Bevel mark
  • Threaded hub
  • Precise base gluing
  • Sterilized with ethylene oxide
  • Heat-sealed needle-container
  • Precisely grinded cannula-back end 
  • Suitable for cylinder ampoule syringes
  • Color coded by size
Table description of green needle

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