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The success of a single or multi-component material within its markets depends, to a large degree, on the chosen packaging.

Drawing showing a packaging

Compatibility test

The compatibility test is one of the first steps necessary for determining a suitable cartridge system for packaging your materials. The aggressive nature of these materials can have adverse effects on particular types of plastics and a thorough investigation should always be conducted. We can conduct accelerated aging tests in a climate chamber, infrared spectroscopy and/or gas chromatography in-house to prove material compatibility.

CT scanning and x-ray

Any air trapped in your full cartridge can hinder the performance of your mixing system. Our Technical Services group offers you the opportunity to test whether the filled cartridge is reliable. By means of CT scanning and X-rays, we investigate the system and are able to find and determine the amount of trapped air. This provides you with a level of security and indicates whether or not you need to improve the filling process.

Durability test

The mechanical stability of cartridges and syringes that contain your materials is influenced by various factors. We examine the interplay of these two components in our laboratory, in terms of shelf life, long-term compatibility, leak tightness, and resistance. Various storage conditions are tested, such as humidity, variation in temperature, changes in air pressure, and storage duration. As a result, you will be confident about your systems‘ resistance and reliability as well as achieving optimum storage conditions to ensure a good material shelf life.

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