MixCoat™ Mixing spray tips

Spraying instead of brushing

The technology of the 2-component MixCoat™ Mixing Spray Tips is unique, offering a constant, reproducible spray pattern with minimal overspray. The QUADRO™ technology affords an excellent, well proven mixing.

MixCoat™ Mixing Spray Tip
User benefits
  • Homogeneous spray pattern
    Minimal 2-K waste material by minimal overspraying
  • Well proven, excellent mixing results
Technical advantages
  • Unique spraying technology, using air pressure
  • QUADRO™ mixing technology
MixCoat mixing spray tips for high flow 2-K coating repair jobs
MixCoat mixing spray tips for high flow 2-K coating repair jobs.

MixCoat™ mixing spray tips are used together with MixCoat™ Spray and MixCoat™ Flex, working seamlessly with MIXPAC™ cartridges from 940 mL to 1500 mL.

The spraying technology of the MixCoat™ spray mixers is unique. The advantage of this technology is the reduced material waste from minimal overspraying: The object can be coated exactly by the defined spray pattern.


MixCoat™ mixers are offered in various spraying – angles as well as for high- and low air pressures. The choice of the mixer depends on the 2-K material and the subject to be sprayed:

  • Mixing spray Tip HF for 2-K Polyurethane materials
  • Mixing spray Tip MF for 2-K Epoxy materials
  • Optional with 0° or 90° spraying angle (depending on the object to be coated)
  • Optional with a standard or quick lock adapter, for faster changing of the cartridge

Mixers with 90° angle make applying coatings even in difficult to reach areas, such as bildges in ships, pipelines and steel constructions, easy and comfortable.

If the change between various mixers has to be effect very fast, the optional "Quick Lock" adapter is the best choice for the air connection of the mixer.

Watch the spraying videos at the Sulzer Mixpac YouTube channel.

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