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The success of a single or multi-component material within its markets depends, to a large degree, on the chosen mixing system.

Drawing showing a mixer


Our technical services group has the expertise and equipment to analyze the shear rate of your materials used with our mixing system. We examine the viscosity of your components in conjunction with various mixing geometries dependent on shear rate, temperature, and time. As a result, we determine components which suit your material, and find opportunities to optimize the entire system.

Mixing quality

In order to examine mixing quality, there are two methods we apply in our laboratory. First, we reproduce ambient conditions to analyze air inclusions, mixing performance, cure times, and delamination, and we give recommendations based on these results. Second, we offer simulations (CFD) to calculate efficiency and functional reliability which help to keep the number of practical tests to a minimum.

Flow rate

It is advantageous to select the smallest mixer possible that is capable of delivering the necessary mixing quality and flow rate to fulfill the application requirements. Through the use of computer simulation and practical tests, we are able to make sure that the maximum force of the dispensing tool is used to guarantee minimal waste and high performance.

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