Mixer technology

Mixing made simple with Mixpac technology

Sulzer Mixpac offers a wide range of various mixer technologies for most of the 2-K industry and construction applications. The mixers are compatible within their systems, offering an optimal, reproducible mixing result.

various mixer technologies
Model of QUADRO™ mixer technology

QUADRO™ mixer technology

The QUADRO™ mixer is an advanced, innovative mixer design that sets a new standard in the industry. The unique QUADRO™ mixer geometry allows us to build the mixer in a very compact and short way. In each mixing element, the number of formed layers is doubled. This specific geometry, in combination with the square shape, results in virtually ideal layer forming. As a result, the QUADRO™ mixer achieves an outstanding mixing performance, is extremely short and has a very low pressure drop in comparison to other mixer designs.
MIXPAC™ machine mixer and shrouds
MIXPAC™ machine mixer and shrouds for high pressure mixing


MIXPAC™ machine mixers

This range offers helical mixers of different length and diameters to specifically meet the requirements of dispensing machines. A range of dynamic mixers is also available. The program is completed by different accessories and safety shrouds.
MIXPAC™ mixers with patented interface
MIXPAC™ mixers with patented interface for a leak-free, safe and clean connection to the cartridge


MIXPAC™ mixer technology

Helical mixers of the MIXPAC™ type (Systems K, B and F) are built with a unique interface to ensure a leak-free, clean and safe connection to the cartridge.

The optimized interface maximizes and balances the flow rate

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