MixCoat™ spray

Faster, cleaner, cheaper to repair and spray large areas

2-component coating repairs with ships, pipelines and steel constructions are usually done by hand. This leads to high labor costs and a huge amount of waste material. MixCoat™ Spray offers a solution, being faster, cleaner and more economical.

MixCoat™ Spray
User benefits
  • Fatigue-free working
  • User-friendly ease of use
  • Exact handling of the air-flow with one hand
Technical advantages
  • Lightweight design
  • Integrated air-flow
  • Dual-stage-trigger
MixCoat™ Spray
MixCoat™ Spray


  • Optional with Standard- or "Quick Lock" air connection
  • Compatible with all MIXPAC™ F-System cartridges between 940mL and 1500 mL

"MixCoat™ Spray" for faster, cleaner and more economical 2-K coating repair works:

The portable MixCoat™ Spray system is ideal for 2-component coating repairs and maintenance jobs. This stand-alone system only requires an air connection. A dual-stage-trigger for the integrated air flow control allows the user to operate this system with only one hand, which makes MixCoat a unique, user friendly solution.

Animation on the functionality of the Sulzer MixCoat Spray system for 2-K protective coating repair jobs.


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