MixCoat™ flex

Easy solutions for hard-to-reach areas

2-K coating repair works are often complicated, especially with difficult to reach areas such as bilges in ships, pipelines and steel constructions. This leads to high labor costs and a huge amount of waste material. MixCoat™ Spray offers a solution with maximum flexibility to reach all areas. This system reduces waste material and saves labor.

MixCoat Flex system
User benefits
  • Easy access with difficult to reach areas
    - Shorter working times
    - Less waste material
    - Ecological and economical solution
  • Easy use of different application options
    - Optimal application, according to the situation
    - Shorter working times
  • Minimum maintenance needed
Technical advantages
  • Spray, Brush and Roller application
  • Robust design
MixCoat Flex system
MixCoat™ Flex system is characterized by a flexible handling when applying the 2-K material.


  • Optional with Spray, Roller or Brush application
  • Variable hose length
  • Compatible with all MIXPAC™ F-System cartridges between 940mL and 1500 mL
  • Easy changing between various mixing ratios
MixCoat Flex system
The actuator is combined with a hose to guarantee maximum flexibility.
Animation on the functionality of Sulzer MixCoat™ Flex system from Sulzer Mixpac for 2-K protective coating repair jobs
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