MixCoat™ cartridges

No problems with large volumes: dispense up to 1500mL smoothly

For applications where large volumes of 2-K materials are dispensed at one time, Sulzer Mixpac offers cartridges with volumes between 940 and 1500 mL in various mixing ratios. The cartridges fit all MixCoat™ application systems.

MixCoat™ Cartridge
High volume cartridges
  • Especially designed for the use with MixCoat™ Systems
  • Same technology as the well proven MIXPAC™ F-System
  • Separate outlets to avoid cross contamination
User benefits
  • Precise metering - consistent dispense
  • Safe and fast filling of cartridges
  • Safe storage and application of 2-K material up to +40°C
  • Excellent mixing results
  • No cross contamination
MixCoat™ Cartridge
MIXPAC F-System cartridge with high volumes up to 1500 mL


  • 1500 mL, 1:1
  • 1125 mL, 2:1
  • 1000 mL, 3:1
  • 940 mL, 4:1

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