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The success of a single or multi-component material within its markets depends, to a large degree, on the chosen metering system.

Drawing showing a dispenser

Flow rate

A defined mixing system requires the maximum output force, which we determine by computer simulation and practical tests. With this information, we can determine which mixer produces the best flow rate as well as minimal material waste.

Dispenser force

Dispensers play an important role for the metering accuracy of your adhesive. We are able to evaluate the viability of a dispenser to be used with our cartridge systems. We measure the output force in detail using its performance curves, examine the integrity of the drive system, and quantify overall function, handling, and the risk of problems occurring. This way, we make sure you operate with dispensers which are tested and proven to work.

Mixing quality

In order to examine mixing quality, there are two methods we apply in our laboratory. First, we reproduce ambient conditions to analyze air inclusions, mixing performance, cure times, and delamination, and we give recommendations based on these results. Second, we offer simulations (CFD) to calculate efficiency and functional reliability which help to keep the number of practical tests to a minimum.

Spray test

To determine whether your material can be used with our cartridges, we offer a spray test in our laboratory. First, we check for mixing quality and flow rate by dispensing your product without air pressure. As a second step, we spray your material on test surfaces to examine surface finish, coating thickness and inhomogeneity. With this test, we figure out whether you are working with the right system and give recommendations and information about the reliability of your mixing process.

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