Flexible Steel™ irrigation needles

Increasing the chance of a successful root canal procedure

transcodent™ Flexible Steel Irrigation Needles are double-side vented with Luer Lock that increase safety and efficacy of endodontic irrigation, available in 4 sizes.

packshot transcodent endo irrigation needles
Product features and benefits
  • Closed-rounded tip with double lateral vents minimizes the risk
    of needle binding and wedging in the root canals, trauma to 
    soft/hard tissue and extrusion of the irrigation solution beyond
    apical forament
  • Thin-walled cannula provides improved flow rate for optimal flushing effec
  • Bendable cannula for increased flexibility and improved access

The double-side vent needles provide a unique swirl effect for more gentle but effective irrigation. The needle’s rounded end offers improved patient safety. transcodent™ Flexible Steel Endo Irrigation Needles feature high quality thin wall steel with improved flexibility, and provide up to 30 percent improved flow rate. The full working length can be easier achieved and effectively irrigated even in curved root canals. The sterile container packaging is easy to use and the needles use a Luer lock and a Luer hub to ensure leak-free connections.

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