Endo irrigation needles Flexible Steel™

For successful root canal procedures

transcodent™ Flexible Steel™ Irrigation Needles are the first with double-side vented and Luer Lock. That increases safety and efficiency of endodontic irrigation.

packshot transcodent endo irrigation needles
Product features and benefits
  • Closed-rounded tip with double lateral vents minimizes the risk
    of needle binding and wedging in the root canals, trauma to 
    soft/hard tissue and extrusion of the irrigation solution beyond
    apical forament
  • Thin-walled cannula provides improved flow rate for optimal flushing effec
  • Bendable cannula for increased flexibility and improved access

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Description 23 G 25 G 27 G 30 G
Size 0.6 x 25 mm 0.5 x 25 mm 0.4 x 25 mm 0.3 x 25 mm
Reference (REF) 6490 6491 6492 6493
Color blue orange grey yellow

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