Injection needles painless steel metric thread

Low friction for smooth use

This product is available in Europe only

The Painless Steel Dental Injection Needles are disposable and sterile needles for the delivery of anesthetic. Each hub has a bevel marking for an optional injection position that reduces the risk of tissue damage. Each needle- container has a sterility heat-seal, LOT No. and expiration date. The Painless Steel Injection Needles are certified and manufactured according to European Standard ISO/ DIN 7885.

Package and painless steel needles in green, yellow and red
  • Three-edge lancet grinding
  • Siliconized cannula
  • Bevel mark
  • Threaded hub
  • Precise base gluing
  • Sterilized with ethylene oxide
  • Heat-sealed needle-container
  • Precisely grinded cannula-back end 
  • Suitable for cylinder ampoule syringes
  • Color coded by size
Table description of green needle

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