Thin-walled endo irrigation needles two side vents

Improve flow rate up to 30%

The Endo Irrigation Needle double side vent is the only Transcodent Irrigation Needle with two lateral vents for gentle but effective irrigation of the root canal. Penetration of the apex is avoided due to two lateral vents and rounded end, thereby the full length of the root canal may be safely irrigated. This thin- walled needle, with up to 30% improved flow rate, offers better irrigation and provides more flexibility.

Package of endo irrigation needles
  • Luer Lock & Luer hub
  • Thin Wall
  • Two lateral vents
  • Closed front-end
  • Rounded tip
  • Free of burrs 
  • Sterilized with ethylene-oxide
  • Packaged in plastic container
Table of endo irrigation needles double vent

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