Endo evacuation needles with Spherigator technology

Large apical opening on the side for high flow-rate and best possible Apex placing

Recommended for: Transcodent Luer Lock Handpiece

The Transcodent Endo Evacuation Needles is suitable for safe and precise handling with a root canal treatments. Use the Spherigator® technology, the end of the cannula to be placed in the best possible Apex nearby. Due to the significantly large apical opening on the side of a high flow rate is given. In addition, the cannula tube is equipped with four laser markings as a guide, the root canal depth.

Endo evacuation needle with zoom
  • Easy bendable for perfect access to the cavity
  • Spherigator® technology:
    The apical side opening allows for maximum extraction, in nearby Apex
  • Cannula tube with four laser marks
  • Recommended for use with the Transcodent
  • Luer Lock handpiece for saliva ejector
  • Sterile, individually packed in containers
Table of endo evacuation needles

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