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Collapsible and high performing 2-component packaging

“There will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050” (World Economic Forum 2016)
Every year 4.8 to 12.7 t plastic waste end up in the sea - the counter now is at 86 mio tons. This has led to massive international reactions for legal regulations and fines on plastic waste all over the world. We at Sulzer Mixpac take our environmental responsibilty serious and strive to conribute to green initiatives. With our ecopaCC ‘Collapsible Cartridge’ the remaining packaging waste is reduced up to 82%! Focussing on the whole value chain we were also able to reduce the CO2 emissions per item due to the precollapsed packaging which saves space in transportation.

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ecopaCC™ How To Video

With the ecopaCCTM system, adhesive manufacturers can substantially lower their carbon footprint and achieve remarkable cost savings throughout the value chain. In this video you will learn all steps for using the MixpacTM ecopaCCTM collapsible packaging system.
ecopaCC™ How To Video
key features
  • Up to 85% reduced volume when pre-collapsed
  • Up to 82% less waste
  • High-tech multilayer film
  • Proprietary over-molding technology
  • Pre-collapsed cartridge
  • Reusable support sleeve
  • Compatible with all our matching dispenser
Customer benefits
  • Less storage and transportation space needed
  • Immense reduction in plastic waste - environmental friendly
  • Improves ecological footprint and contributes to global initiatives
  • Remarkable cost savings throughout the value chain
  • Enhanced performance and improved shelf life
  • 100% leak proof
  • Reusable robust support sleeve, can be customized to your needs
  • Full system approach - no need for additional dispensers nor mixing tips

ecopaCC™: revolutionary packaging solution

The new collapsible, sustainable and high performing 2-component packaging for adhesive applications substantially reduces waste, CO2 emissions and costs throughout the value chain. Watch this animation to learn more. 
ecopaCC™ Animation
Mixpac Construction
Mixpacs full system approach. Much more than the sum of its parts!

Sulzer MIXPAC offers for the new ecopaCC cartridge a wide range of dedicated dispensers and mixing tips. Consequently, for the different adhesive applications the best result in mixing quality and metering is guaranteed.

MIXPACTM mixing tips

Mixpac QuadroTM and Helix mixing tips are manufactured for exact metering and mixing of 2-component materials and are available in various designs and lengths to meet the requirements of specific applications. Minimal pressure loss and precise metering at high dispensing rates are just a few benefits.

COXTM dispensers

The extensive range of 2-component COX dispensers includes high performance manual, battery and pneumatic dispensers, compatible with the MIXPAC ecopaCC cartridges.

MKTM dispensers

Well known for quality, reliability and performance, the MK™ 2-component range of dispensers originally supplied by Krøger A/S now forms part of the Sulzer Mixpac product portfolio.

Find out more about COX and MK dispensers

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