Dental syringe for guided bone regeneration

Store, hydrate and deliver bone substitute material

The dental syringe is designed to store, hydrate and deliver bone substitute material for guided bone regeneration. This innovative device combines conveniant handling with precise and safe delivery of your Granules or Patty material.

Female doctor with MEDMIX dental syringe
Features and benefits
  • Safe and convenient
    The syringe allows hydration and safe application of your pre-filled bone substitute material
  • Easy to use
    Its unique design offers single-handed operation and excellent control.
  • Precise
    The curved shape provides an unobstructed view to the surgical site and precise application of your bone substitute material. 
  • Biocompatibility
    The products passed cytotoxicity, leachables and extractables assessment.
  • Support for submission
    We support your approval process by providing valuable documentation and information.


Available sizes: 1 cc
Configuration for: Granules (Syringe + Filter + Cap for Filter) and Putty (Syringe + Cap)
Sterilization allow: Gamme EO
Production environment: Cleanroom ISO 8 (comparable to U.S. Class 100,000)
Material grade: USP VI

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