Composite capsules for high viscosity materials

Ideal for composite, compomer or mixed powder-liquids

Transcodent® Composite Capsules can be filled individually for patient-specific applications with low viscous pastes, like lightactivated composite, compomer or mixed powder-liquid combinations. The lightsafe, orange-translucent colour of the capsules enables visibility on the filling material & plunger.

Composite capsules package
  • Light-safe orange ( transparent )
  • 0,2 - 0,25 g filling quantity
  • Strong resin for a safe application
  • Lightsafe for UV - activated materials 
  • Good visibility of the cavity
  • Suitable for high-viscous pastes
  • Hygienic single-use
  • Fits to all common Composite-Guns / Dispensers
Table with image of  composite capsules

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