MIXPAC™ Colibri

Makes it easy to be flexible

The rotating and bendable tip of the Colibri™ allows flexible, highly precise discharging, even in hard-to-access places. The bendable metal tip makes a large number of applications simply more convenient and efficient.

T-Mixer Colibri Familiy Sulzer Mixpac Dental
Customer benefits
  • Ergonomic access to areas which are difficult to reach
  • Constant flow of material even when the cannula is bent
  • No risk of cannula breaking off
  • No additional intraoral tip required
  • Saves time
  • Safe application in the root canal and at the sulcus without risk of injury
Product advantages
  • 360° rotatable and bendable 
  • Bendable cannula with constant inner diameter
  • Integrated cannula
  • Smoothly rounded medical grade stainless steel cannula
  • State of the art mixing technology
Sulzer Mixpac Dental Colibri bendable rotatable mixing tip metal cannula
The metal cannula is up to 180° bendable and has a constant inner diameter

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