Bone graft system to store and deliver prefilled bone graft material

Apply prefilled and enrich in situ harvested bone graft material

The Bone Graft System is designed to STORE and DELIVER prefilled bone graft material and to apply and enrich harvested bone graft material. We also offer valuable accessories such as a spindle driven dispensing support, filling aids, closures with a Luer interface for liquid transfer or a proprietary open bore threaded interface that enables a variety of cannulas to be attached.

Doctors with bone graft system g-system
Features and benefits
  • Standard Luer interface for connecting to additional devices
    Gateway to additional devices such as cannulas, needles or individual devices that support successful biomaterial application.
  • All-in-one device
    Compact and closed device for safe and clean application. Our cannula portfolio is fully compatible with the syringes and offers precise access to the point of surgery.
  • Convenient filling volumes
    Syringes available with filling volumes of 3ml, 14ml and 40ml.
  • Configurable to your type of delivery
    Designed and shaped with large finger flanges to support the surgeon’s work; also available with a spindle drive for easy and controlled injection of highly viscous biomaterials.
  • Full biocompatibility
    Premium medical grade resins compliant with USP VI requirements. All products are manufactured and packed under controlled ISO 8 cleanroom (comparable to U.S. Class M 6.5 or Class 100,000).
  • Support for your approval procedure included in our service
    Our products undergo full process validation and we support your approval process with adequate documentation and information.


Available sizes: 3ml / 14ml / 40ml
Interfaces: Male Luer / Female Luer / Open Bore / Closed Cap
Sterilization: Gamma / ETO
Production environment: ISO 8
Material grade: USP VI

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