Mixpac™ Blueline System

For Higher Output and Difficult Materials to Dispense

The Mixpac Blueline System is suitable for high viscosity material that is difficult to dispense and for material with flow issues. Adapted for 400ml cartidges, mixing ratios 2:1,10:1, combinable with T-mixer mixing tips.

Sulzer Mixpac Adhesives Industry Blueline System
Your benefits
  • Ideal for high viscosity material that is difficult to dispense, solution provider for material with flow issues
  • Material output up to 3 times higher for faster dispensing
  • Targeted for customers who face challenges with flow rate
  • No cross contamination thanks to specific interface design
  • No need to purchase new, more powerful type of 400mL dispenser

Product advantages
  • Bigger cartridge outlets, optimized mixer interface and mixing geometry
  • Separated outlets
  • Compatible with Sulzer Mixpac dispensers


  • New system for applications with high dispense rate requirements
  • Flow rate up to 3 times higher (compared to F-System)
  • Compatible with existing dispensers


400ml 400ml


2:1 10:1
Materials PP PP
Colors natural natural
Mixers T BL, white elements, stepped tip T BL, orange elements, V tip
DM 200_mit Kartusche und Mischer

Matching Dispensers

Manual (DM 400-01 & DM 400-10)

Pneumatic (DP 400-100-01 & DP 400-100-10)

Battery (DB2 400-50-200 & DB2 400-50-400)

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