MIXPAC™ BarrelDose Spray

Perfect combination of excellent shelf-life and simplicity in use

The MIXPAC™ BarrelDose Spray is a precise and hygienic unit-dose spray applicator for sensitive ingredients. It is a part of the modular BarrelDose packaging and application system, which delivers easier application increased shelf life for pharmaceutical ingredients and lower process costs.

barreldose spray frontside view
Main benefits
  • Shelf-life - Up to 200 % longer shelf-life compared to previous solution
  • Safety in application - Pre-filled accurate dose, controlled droplet size during spraying, no dripping before and after application
  • Handling - Easy, intuitive handling allows healthcare professionals to focus fully on patient
  • Easy billing - Billable for insurance purposes as the single use device can be attributed to individual patients
  • Hygiene - Traceable single use device enhances infection control
  • Manufacturing - Filling and sealing of the barrel regardless of time and place of device assembly – simplifies logistics and supply chain
  • Product life-cycle - Modular system facilitates life-cycle adjustments on applicator and new product launches
  • Eco-friendly - recyclable device material
Applications examples
  • Skin care products, dermatology
  • Wound treatments
  • Nail and cuticle treatments
  • Foot care
  • Ears, nose, mouth and labial care
  • Dental products
  • Hair and scalp treatments
  • Animal health
  • Local anaesthetics
CPhI Award 2015 BarrelDose Spray Sulzer Healthcare
Sulzer Mixpac won the international CPhl Pharma Award 2015 “Innovation in Packaging” for its MIXPAC™ BarrelDose primary packaging and application system.
MIXPAC™ BarrelDose modular packaging system for dispensing one- and two-component liquid substances ensures environmentally-friendly, low-cost packaging for pharmaceutical, API / AI manufacturers combined with a wide range of applicators for dispensing in the humanitarian medical and veterinary sectors.

The benefits for customers include safe and simple handling, a longer shelf life and lower logistics and storage costs.
BarrelDose System Sulzer Healthcare

Key characteristics

  • COC material - Cyclic olefin copolymers Topas 8007S-04, USP Class VI
  • Glass like: Low permeability (in & out) to water vapor, oxygen, alcohol, etc…
  • Low interaction with ingredient (Extractables / Leachables)
  • Unbreakable (almost)
  • Less waste (compared to glass)
  • Container system with volume range of 0.2 – 5 mL
  • Filling and closing might take place at a different location from assembly with applicator -> flexibility in supply chain and logistics
  • Heat sealed with foil -> hermetical closure
  • Multilayer foil: Alu 20um / COC 40um other foils possible
  • Defined sealing process: temperature, force, time (0.5 ml Barrel with current foil: 140°C, 75N, 200ms)

Pharma compliance

  • Materials in contact with the product are compliant with the Requirements for pharmaceutical primary packaging

Quality Management

  • Our extensive quality management system guarantees the Process reliability for continuous, high-level product quality
Table Barrel System Data
Beutlich Hurricane BarrelDose Spray Sulzer Healthcare

Use Case HurriCaine One

  • Beutlich Pharmaceuticals LLC, Florida US
  • Product name: HurriCaine One
  • Used for throat numbing to aware the gagging reflex
  • Anesthetic (Pharma, OTC – over the counter)
  • Ingredient: Benzocaine with alcohol and flavor

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