MIXPAC™ B-System

Smooth, safe and smart for medium-volume mixing and dispensing

MIXPAC™ B-system includes a double syringe with 25 mL volume and a cartridge system, with 50 mL volume, using a manual dispenser, available in different mixing ratios. The mixer assortment includes different mixing elements, lengths, diameters, mixer tips and other accessories.

MIXPAC™ B-system
Your benefits
  • Leak-free connection, safe and clean
  • Safe and easy handling, no cross-mixing
  • Precise dosing – accurate application
    Suitable for high-viscosity compounds
    High, long-term stability
  • Safely transported by air and sea
    Withstands variations in pressure and temperature
  • Optimal mixer for each 2-K adhesive
    Extended variety of mixers enabled with the Interface Converter
  • High process reliability
    Little user effort required
    Fatigue-free working
Product advantages
  • Separated outlets
  • Rigid construction
  • Integrated piston retention
  • Wide variety of different mixers
  • Complete system

Features include separated outlets to avoid cross-contamination, piston retention as required for air shipment, and a wide variety of mixers, and compatibility with A-system dispensers. Different ratios and materials are available.

  • Various mixers of different lengths with accessories such as fine dispensing tips
  • Cartridges in PP, PA 6 and PBT with various volumes and mixing ratios
  • Sulzer Mixpac offers dispensers for easy and exact application
Volumes 25 mL 50 mL 75 mL
Ratios 1:1 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1 10:1
nature, white nature, white nature
Materials PP, PA 6 PP, PA 6, PBT PBT
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