Handy accessories to keep your mix moving

Construction and industry applications can be simplified and optimized by the additional adjustment of the 2-component dispensing systems. These application-specific accessories are compatible with most Sulzer Mixpac systems: flow restrictors, perforated sleeves, ribbon adapters and retaining nuts.

Accessories for J- and Q-Systems
QUADRO™ perforated sleeves
The perforated sleeves support chemical anchoring in bricks

QUADRO™ perforated sleeves

Our entire range of perforated sleeves have enhanced "ooze" holes to help ensure an ideal distribution of the adhesive over the entire length of the sleeve. This results in an extremely strong bond between the anchor and the masonry wall. The stiffness of the perforated sleeve is very high to allow easy insertion into a drilled hole.

  • Ideal distribution of the adhesive over the entire length of the sleeve
  • Closure cap in order to avoid adhesive coming out on the front side
  • Easy to insert due to high stiffness of the sleeves

QUADRO™ perforated sleeves are made of polypropylene, are grey in color and available in the following sizes (diameter x length):

  • 15 x 85 mm
  • 15 x 130 mm
  • 20 x 85 mm
  • 12 x 50 mm
QUADRO™ flow restrictors
The flow restrictor prevents self-emptying when the cartridge is open

QUADRO™ flow restrictors

These are used to control the outlet flow especially for low-viscous adhesives. The restrictor is available for side-by-side cartridges of the J-system and for peeler cartridges with 6.5 mm outlet size.
QUADRO™ ribbon adapters
Ribbon adapter: the wide tips can be cut to the suitable width

QUADRO™ ribbon adapters

These are used for dispensing wide adhesive beads. The outlet can be adjusted, stepwise, according to the specific requirement.

QUADRO™ ribbon adapters are made of polyethylene and are available in the size 0.5"-1.5"

QUADRO™ retaining nuts
The retaining nut is used for attaching the mixers

QUADRO™ retaining nuts

These are used to attach the QUADRO™ disposable mixers with bell inlet onto cartridges or onto 2-component machines.

QUADRO™ retaining nuts are made of polypropylene and are available in the types:

  • nut 8.7PP 7/8" x 9
  • nut 10.7PP 7/8" x 9
  • nut 8.7PP 7/8" x 14 double lead
  • nut 10.7PP 7/8" x 14 double lead

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