Intraligamentalia Cylinder ampoule syringe

Ideal for intraligamentous and intraseptal anesthetics

The cylinder ampoule syringe Intraligamentalia for intraligamentous and intraseptal local anesthetics provides a comfortable and precise dosage ?0.06 ml per click. It also provides simultaneous treatment of different quadrants and a almost painless injection, with no numbness in lips, cheeks or tongue.

Intraligamentalia package painless steel
  • Ideal for intraligamentous and intraseptal anesthetics
  • 45° bent- For precise and easy injection.
  • Precise thread for easy handling
  • “Easy to use” dosing lever- exact dosing.
  •  Ergonomic design and convenient handling. 
  • High quality steel- Capable of sterilization and autoclavable
  • Guarantee: 1 year
  • Intraligamentous anesthetic enables shorter treatments.
  •  For usage with standard cartridges up to 1.8 ml.

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