Pipeline series grinder

Streamlined solutions for sewage and sludge grinding

A macerator grinder with a pull-back cutter stack, which allows removal for maintenance without disturbing the pipeline. For raw sewage systems, to protect downstream pumps and equipment, and designed for fine grinding of sludge, within the sludge treatment plant where grinding improves digestion.

Pipeline Series Grinder
Main benefits
  • Twin shafts, slow speed and high torque, the grinders provide positive displacement solids grinding
  • Protects pumps and sludge treatment process, filters, digesters and equipment
  • Maintain in place, quick removal of rotating wear items
Main applications
  • Protection of pumps and systems
  • Fine grading of sludge for digestion plant
  • In pipeline applications
Main design features
  • The cutter shafts are angled, the slope of the cutters ensures any rejected material drops clear of shafts and cutters, preventing damage.
  • Designed with a built-in trap to catch rejected material and clean out port, for easy maintenance within sewage collection, inlet works and sludge treatment processes.
  • Low running speeds, hardened cutters and efficient low Kw motors.
Key characteristics
Capacities Up to 330 m3/h / 1,400 US gpm
Pressures Up to 0.4 bar / 5.8 psi


  • Anaerobic digestion
    Anaerobic digestion requires temperature equalization and the proper homogenization of the biomass. Floating crusts must be broken and the formation of foam must be prevented. Sulzer can provide an ideal homogenization solution for many common digester designs.

  • Sludge handling and transfer
    Sulzer pumps, mixers and agitators are used to transfer, blend and handle sludge. Our progressing cavity, positive displacement pump range, provide a near constant flow rate with suction lift capability, for handling all types of non-Newtonian sludge and cake processes, typically demanded within the wastewater treatment plant. Maintain in place features ensure any process downtime due to the change out of wear components is kept to a minimum.
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