Macerator - channel series grinder

Cut through the waste, trouble-free

Installed in wastewater treatment plant open channels, for in-flow disintegration. Slow speed and high torque, each shaft is fitted with cutters and spacers for solids grinding, designed to pull apart fibrous material, to crop, crush and shear items such as rags, rope and plastics into small pieces.

Cut through the waste, trouble-free
Main benefits
  • Prevents clogging and blockages downstream of the macerator, reducing unplanned maintenance
  • Supplied with a PLC to protect against damage from unexpected materials and overloads
  • Industrial bulk waste reduction and savings realized through waste recycling
Main applications
  • Protection of pumps and systems in transport and treatment wastewater applications
  • Imported sludge transfer applications
  • Inlet works in-flow
  • Industrial wet waste grinding and maceration
Main design features
  • Shafts operate at different speeds, typically 50 to 80 rpm, with the cutters to provide a tearing action on the solids.
  • A robust and proven design, the macerator is available in with range of motor sizes from 1.5 to 4.0 Kw
  • Can be supplied, option for the in-channel design to be adapted with inlet and outlet flanges
Key characteristics
Temperatures 40° C (maximum 60° C for five minutes)
Capacities Up to 1,150 m3/h / 5,000 USgpm


  • Inlet pumping station
    Inlet pumping stations are somewhat similar to large terminal pumping stations. Depending on the depth of the incoming sewer, the lifting heads can range from around 2 up to 30 meters. To prevent hydraulic shock loads, which negatively impact the biological process, the stations often make use of variable-speed drives and/or several pumps in parallel.
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