Pump controller type ABS PC 242

A real cost-saver for low-budget applications

The PC 242 is a two-pump controller designed mainly for use in either gravitation or pressurized municipal wastewater pumping stations. It has many advanced features to minimize costs in the pumping station throughout its entire life cycle.

Pump Controller Type ABS PC 242
Main design features

The controller comes with a graphical display offering a full user interface, ideal for low-budget applications. Level sensing in the pit may be performed using either float switches or a 4-20 mA sensor.

Use the graphical user interface to view alarms, manually control pumps, or change settings. You can also perform these tasks using the AquaProg configuration software running on a PC, connected either directly to the local service port or remotely via a modem, for example.

Key characteristics

Values accumulated and stored:

  • Pump start count
  • Pump run time
  • Overflow count
  • Overflow time
  • Overflow volume
  • Pumped volume
  • Energy/rain


Software features:

  • Pump run confirmation via motor current or contactor feedback
  • Pump stop after max runtime setting
  • Cyclic pump motion timer 
  • Emergency pump run timer on high float
  • Overflow calculation and monitoring
  • Pulse frequency to analogue, value conversion
  • Alarm dial-up
  • Commercial waste disposal from toilets
    Commercial wastewater from toilets comprises all sewage water flushed from toilets on commercial, industrial or public properties.

  • Commercial wastewater without toilet waste
    Commercial wastewater without toilet waste includes drainage and grey wastewater.

  • Pump and pumping station monitoring
    Monitoring systems provide real-time data that can help you not only to prevent flooding and other incidents, but also to optimize the operation of individual pumps and entire pumping stations. Sulzer has a full range of monitoring systems for easy surveillance of pumps and pumping stations. Able to log both hydraulic and electrical data, the systems give you instant access to alarms, pump status, level information and trends. These are available not only on site, but also remotely via PC software or a smartphone app.

  • Pumping station control
    Control systems provide functionality and data that can be used to improve the availability of pumps, pumping stations and entire collection networks. They are a simple way to reduce not only the risk of downtime and flooding, but also maintenance and energy costs. Sulzer has a full range of control systems that are as easy to use as they are sophisticated.
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