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October 2018

Sulzer Technical Review


Ecological process technologies

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Did you know that environment-friendly plastic can be manufactured from biobased raw materials? This plastic, called polylactic acid (PLA), is biodegradable in industrial composting plants. The production process was invented as early as 1954, but it took almost 50 years for this plastic to be used in large quantities. Sulzer has made major contributions to optimizing the PLA process for industrial use. In cooperation with our customers, Sulzer constantly develops new process technologies to reduce the harmful effects of the chemical industry. For example, Sulzer distillation plants are used to produce a non-hazardous process oil for tire production. Let us help you to develop sustainable or non-hazardous process technologies.
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Leading technology for biobased PLA plastics

Biobased, biocompostable and 100% recyclable to a virgin form — these are the main advantages of plastics made from polylactic acid (PLA). Join us on the journey to a sustainable future. Read more

Greener process oils for rubber production

Treated distillate aromatic extracts (TDAE) are non-hazardous rubber process oils. Sulzer’s KühniTM agitated column (ECR) provides a key solution that enables manufacturers to increase the TDAE yield.
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CPE Pumpe

CPE pumps – energy-efficient by design

Energy efficiency is a hot topic in the process industry, and many authorities around the world are preparing related regulations. From 2020, only pumps, which can satisfy the PEI requirements, are allowed on the market.
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Kletternde Frau in der Natur

Sustainable processing with COX™ ProFlow™ dispensers

The latest COX™ ProFlow™ dispensers are powerful yet compact and suitable for smaller hands. The one-component manual dispenser is durable and offers superb ergonomics.
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Bakterien unter Mikroskop

Biological engineering of microbes

Bacteria, fungi and algae produce valuable substances from simple base materials. They can manufacture environmentally friendly plastics and break down metals.
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News and events

Get to know more about the latest news from Sulzer and upcoming events.
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Sulzer White Paper

Read in our Sulzer White Paper 4/2018 how Sulzer is able to predict distillation tray efficiency.
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