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July 2018

Sulzer Technical Review


Digital insights

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Speeding up processes is the key to success and industrial agility. That is why most of the industries are in the midst of digital transformation. For all customers using pumps in their processes, Sulzer has developed a smart tool to make use of their operational pump data. The BLUE BOX™ software can process data from all pump manufacturers, not only Sulzer pumps. The main principle of the BLUE BOX tool is easy to explain: acquire data, analyze data, act on digital insights. We also like to share our own experiences with digital transformation in our factories. Read how we gained speed and increased our productivity remarkably for our injection-molding machines around the globe. The Sulzer White Paper sheds light on digital simulations using finite element analysis (FEA).
Graphic with BLUE BOX to acquire and analyze data and act accordingly

Turning pump data into dollars

The BLUE BOX™ software can analyze data from any pump or pipeline equipment — not only Sulzer-made pumps. BLUE BOX combines the available data with Sulzer’s pump expertise and presents valuable insights. More
Refinery with several towers in different sizes

SULCOL™ design program for mass transfer columns

Sulzer had already developed a program for hydraulic design to support customers in column rating and design in the late 1980s. Sulzer’s expertise is available to customers with the SULCOL program.
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Two Sulzer employees in the foundry pouring metal in a mold

Using digital technologies to create spare parts

Digitalization, realized by a specialist parts manufacturer such as Sulzer, is the key to rapid, precise repairs. In West Virginia, US, Sulzer reengineers and produces new casting parts for a wide range of rotating equipment using additive manufacturing technologies.
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Molded and mounted plastic parts for applicators

Big data in Sulzer’s factories

The goal: optimizing processes in the factories based on data. The global operations team implemented a manufacturing execution system (MES). The result has been an impressive 12% increase in efficiency in the first three years after the implementation.
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News on a digital display

News and events

Get to know more about the latest news from Sulzer and upcoming events.

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Sulzer White Paper

Read our Sulzer White Paper 3/2018 to learn more about thermal simulation with finite element analysis for boiler feed pumps.

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