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3D printer in use
May 2018

Sulzer Technical Review


Additive manufacturing

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This edition highlights some projects that Sulzer is working on in the field of additive manufacturing (AM). We are now using AM widely in our businesses: for products, product development, and tooling. The Sulzer offerings apply AM technology for repairs, upgrades, rapid prototyping, as well as new parts. We already use a broad spectrum of materials for AM: metal alloys, plastics, and even ceramics. To guarantee the reliable functionality of parts produced with AM, we are building the material specifications and conducting endurance tests across the Sulzer businesses and with our external partners. The main benefit of AM is that we can produce parts and repairs faster and be more flexible to customer wishes and market demands.
3D printer in use

Additive manufacturing technologies at Sulzer

As a technology pioneer, Sulzer evaluates additive processes and materials newly available on the market. Suitable processes are optimized by technical specialists, material experts, and process engineers, and tested in close cooperation with customers and partners. Read more
laser metal deposition by dmg mori

Hybrid manufacturing for closed impellers

Sulzer is developing a hybrid manufacturing process for closed impellers and has applied for patents for the process.
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rapid repair of impeller

High-integrity rapid repair of pump parts

When the repair of damaged high-value castings and forgings is not possible using conventional methods, additive manufacturing offers solutions and shorter lead times.
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Big termites mounds in nature.

How termites 3D print their homes

Although additive manufacturing is currently being hailed as a groundbreaking innovation, termites have been using this method to build their enormous mounds for millions of years.
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