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Sulzer wins Sustainability Award 2019 from Packaging Europe with ecopaCC™

September 27, 2019

Sulzer has won the world’s most prestigious packaging innovation competition in the “Resource efficiency” category with ecopaCC™, a collapsible primary packaging for adhesives and sealants. The revolutionary design slashes costs, resources and waste, with significant savings potential across the value chain from transportation to disposal.

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This year’s competition attracted a record-smashing 193 submissions from six continents and across the whole world of packaging. The competition features both high-profile developments and innovations. Winners in six categories and an overall 2019 Sustainability Awards winner were announced on September 25 at FachPack, Nuremberg, Germany.


The foldable design of ecopaCC reduces waste by up to 75% versus rigid cartridges and minimizes the space required for both empty and filled options. Therefore, industrial adhesives manufacturers as well as users benefit from substantial reductions in shipping and storage costs.


EcopaCC also features improved shelf life and leakproof properties. It increases the system versatility by enabling the use of a broad range of film cartridge materials suitable for different substances. In addition, Sulzer Mixpac collapsible cartridges and their support sleeves are fully compatible with current dispensers from the Mixpac™, COX and MK range.


Amaury de Menthiere, President of Sulzer’s Application Systems division commented: “Reducing plastic waste is increasingly gaining attention. Less packaging material is a first but very important step towards sustainability in our industry. Sulzer’s focus goes beyond delivering high-quality products: our goal is to deliver sustainable solutions for both our customers and the environment. With ecopaCC collapsible cartridges, we are providing a product that is leading the market towards a more sustainable future. Our solution clearly demonstrates that a reduced environmental footprint is highly beneficial for adhesives manufacturers and end-users since they can also significantly lower their costs.”
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