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The COX™ logo is registered in South Korea

December 02, 2020

The COX™ logo registration in South Korea gives recognition to the quality, reliability and performance of the brand. Only the original will ensure optimal use and performance of the products.

Successfull COX™ registration demonstrated by men using a COX™ dispenser to apply in building

The COX™ products are developed and produced in Hungerford, UK. Continuous improvement helps us to ensure the quality and performance of our product offering, exceeding our customers’ expectations, which has made Cox one of the leading dispensers’ brands worldwide. Originally established in 1958 by Patrick Clement Cox, the COX brand represents tradition, innovation and manufacturing excellence and continues since 2017 and into the future under Sulzer Mixpac (UK) Ltd. 

Under the Sulzer brand, COX strives to develop the right dispensers for a myriad of applications in different segments (construction and industry). Our 1 and 2-component manual, battery and pneumatic dispensers are engineered and built to meet the most rigorous standards and customer demands.  

You will find the COX logo and our distinctive design on every dispenser manufactured by our UK factory, delivering quality in the industry through our network of distributors.

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