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Sulzer introduces heating jacket for thermal maintenance of CPE pumps

October 15, 2020

The CPE pump is designed to meet the process requirements of a variety of industrial applications. Many of these applications require a specific liquid temperature to enable smooth pumping. The new heating jacket ensures uniform heat transfer to the pump for the purposes of thermal maintenance, heat-up/melt-out, or cooling.

CPE pump with heating jacket
CPE heating jacket, exploded image

Heating/cooling is typically accomplished with steam or water. The correct temperature of the pumped liquid prevents undesired sedimentation, crystal growth, or solidification of the fluid handled.

Our design consists of a heating jacket and a jacketed case cover. The heating jacket covers all wetted parts of the pump and is bolted onto it. The jacketed case cover keeps the desired temperature in the sealing chamber, minimizing the risk of seal failures. The steam or water that regulates the temperature is circulated in heating channels to heat up or cool down the wetted parts and the sealing chamber of the pump.

Sulzer’s heating jacket is a cost-competitive, smart and safe solution. It provides evenly-distributed heating across the entire pump. The installation is quick and easy, and so is the removal if the pump needs service. 

The CPE pump range is now also available in ductile iron ASTM A395 Grade 60-40-18 (5H). The CPE pumps are manufactured in our Easley factory in the USA.

The heating jacket is a good option for maintaining a specific liquid temperature. Dave Langenhan, CPE Product Manager, Sulzer Pump Solutions Inc.
Read more about the CPE ANSI process pump range and the heating jacket.

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