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Sulzer Launches the MIXPAC™ T-Mixer Colibri plus — a Single Mixing Tip for Multiple Purposes

November 22, 2017

Sulzer is introducing the versatile MIXPAC™ T-Mixer Colibri plus with bendable cannula. Various multi-component dental materials for reconstruction with root post & and core build-up, impression of root canal, cementation of root post and post core and impression taking of preparations and cavities can now be mixed homogeneously and safely as well as applied with just a single mixing tip.

Sulzer Mixpac, a Sulzer business unit, presents a novelty at the Greater New York Dental Meeting 2017 (GNYDM): The T-Mixer Colibri plus, is a mixing tip with integrated 360° rotation and up to 180° bendability for mixing and absolutely precise application of multi-component dental materials. It can be used for four different applications: reconstruction with root post and core build-up, impression of root canal, cementation of root post and post core and impression taking of preparations and cavities.

All the dentist needs for these four applications is a single mixing tip, the T-Mixer Colibri plus. The flexible T-Mixer Colibri plus is an advanced development of the T-Mixer Colibri for Mixpac™ cartridges from 18-75 ml. The dentist is already familiar with working with this type of mixing tip with smaller cartridges (2.5-10 ml). The proven advantages of the mixing technology of the reliable T-Mixer™ are now also available for cartridges with larger volumes and combine these with the advantages of our bendable Colibri™ application cannula. The dentist is provided with a mixing tip which even allows ergonomic and highly professional work in areas with difficult access — without the need for having to change the work field. Due to its consistent inner diameter, the bendable, gently rounded medical stainless steel cannula guarantees a homogenous consistent dispensing result, even in bent condition.

Extended portfolio for one-component applications

Sulzer has extended the portfolio for the dental market of application systems for multiple and single applications, dental cannulas, cartridges and closure caps with the recent acquisition of the Transcodent company. The combination of the product portfolios makes Sulzer a full-range provider for dental applications. Transcodent is well-known for application systems for multiple and single applications with exceptional barrier properties and a broad range of high quality dental cannulas. In addition to the standard portfolio, Transcodent offers the development and production of customer-specific application systems. Dentists use the branded Transcodent products in the areas of local anesthetics, root canal irrigation, prevention and esthetic restoration. Sulzer Mixpac presents the extended product portfolio at the GNYDM 2017.

Commitment to quality

Sulzer continues to fight plagiarism — for the benefit of patients and dentists. “Thanks to our information campaign, dentists and medical buyers are increasingly becoming aware of the risks and drawbacks associated with using copied products”, explains Daniel Ferrari, Senior Head Business Segment Dental at Sulzer Mixpac. He adds, “This not only concerns the safety of patients but also that of the dentist — it does not pay to jeopardize one’s reputation for such marginal savings.” Only recently, Sulzer obtained a court ruling against eleven companies, including, among others, B&E Korea Co., Han Dae Chemical, HDI and Seil Global Inc. according to which certain colored dental mixing tips infringed Sulzer’s trademarks. A label in the protected Sulzer “Candy Colors” is intended to additionally simplify the recognition factor of the originals.

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    Sulzer Mixpac Ltd (Sulzer) operates globally in the field of static mixing tips, cartridges, and dispensing devices for the dental sector. In recent times, substantially identical copies of the static mixing tips for two-component cartridges and syringes have increasingly been discovered. These copies by other manufacturers are not subject to Sulzer's strict quality controls and are therefore not covered by its warranty. In the interests of its clients, Sulzer will continue to take legal steps against all such copies.