Information to the shareholders in connection with Covid-19

Dear shareholder,

At the beginning of this year, when we had to decide on the format of our annual general meeting of shareholders (AGM), the Covid-19 pandemic still had a firm grip around the world with the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. The unpredictability of the further development of the pandemic and our clear commitment to the health of our shareholders and employees left us with no choice but to hold our AGM in accordance with the Covid-19-Ordinance 3, as further extended by the Swiss federal council.

Consequently, shareholders are not allowed to attend in person this year’s AGM on April 6 but they can authorize and instruct the independent proxy instead to cast their votes on their behalf via a written or an electronic power of attorney.

The board of directors regrets that, once again, no traditional shareholders’ meeting can take place but is convinced that it took the right decision to protect the health of Sulzer’s shareholders and employees. We appreciate your understanding.

Please visit for further information.

Stay safe.

The Board of Directors of Sulzer

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