methanol plant small scale
Technical Workshop about the flexible methanol production

Viable methanol plants require a proven distillation. Sulzer Chemtech provides distillation columns in skids for local, power-based methanol plants. bse Engineering presents at 37th World Methanol Conference with IHS Markit an overview together with the market leaders of the necessary process steps. We are proud to be their partner for methanol distillation.


It is possible to store volatile energy from the power grid and also at power stations in front of the grid connection point in a grid stabilising manner. Grid operators gain new business fields and power station operators  have flexibility options as well as new revenue and business fields.

This is interesting for new methanol stakeholder who operate assets with power generation and/or carbon dioxide point sources. The added value of the methanol production lies in the securing of existing assets by earnings improvement from energy and mass streams, higher capacity utilization, energy storage in electricity balancing markets and diversification of the products.


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