Modern desigs offer
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Reduced power requirements
  • Lower associated Carbon emissions
  • Improved sustainability
  • Excellent return on Investment (ROI)
Manufacturing and testing
  • One Russian oil Producer ordered 80 water injection pumps
  • Customer target ROI of 3 years delivered in 24 months
  • Sulzer facilities enable large orders to be completed within short timeframes
  • Successful delivery resulted in a second order for 89 pumps
  • Full-load testing completed simultaneaously in France and Germany to ensure on-time delivery

Upgrading performance

Sulzer has the engineering knowledge and expertise in pump design to deliver direct replacement, retrofitted water injection pumps that can deliver improved performance and sustainability.

pump retrofit installation at customer site after
Each pump completed extensive testing to ensure individual performance and efficiency figures were achieved

This project follows on from a similar one in 2014, when 80 pumps were ordered from Sulzer. With the costs of that project already recovered through the energy savings, Sulzer has demonstrated that it can deliver the necessary efficiency, quality and reliability. For such a large order, logistics also became a challenge to be overcome. Delivery was not only governed by the manufacturing site itself, but also third-party suppliers and the test-bed facilities.

Klaus Löffler - Retrofit Tendering Manager for Sulzer
pump installation retrofit at customer site
The retrofit pumps were designed as replacements for the originals

Individual design

Each application has its own challenges. Sulzer designs and manufactures every pump to exactly match specific requirements. The 89 pumps for Russia were ordered with a variety of performance characteristics to suit each application. Every pump was load tested to ensure all the parameters were achieved, with particular focus on the efficiency figures.

Retrofit pumps are designed as direct replacements for the original assets. No changes to pipework or mounting location are required, minimizing time and expense during Installation.

pump retrofit installation at customer site
The pumps were delivered in a phased schedule to meet the customers' requirements

Lower costs

Optimized pump design means industry-leading efficiency. Improvements can deliver considerable savings in energy consumption. As a result, running costs and the equivalent carbon emissions for the process can be reduced.

In this case, the latest pump technology from Sulzer delivered savings that exceeded the expectations of the oil producer – the ROI target of three years was achieved in less than 24 months.

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