MIXPAC™ products provide efficient processes and ultra-precise results

Solutions for dispensing, mixing and discharging low to highly viscous impression materials with the latest generation devices. For the smallest (2.5 to 10 ml systems), medium (18 to 75 ml systems) and large volumes (380 ml system).

Sulzer Mixpac Dental Prosthetic
Sulzer Mixpac Dental Prevention
Fill the impression tray – for all types of impressions

Filling the impression tray

  • Dynamic mixing tips for highly viscous materials and automatic mixing units
  • T-mixer for homogeneous mixing results and minimal material loss
  • S-Dispenser ll for intuitive and fatigue-free working
  • Wide slit attachment for even application over the occlusal tooth surface
Sulzer Mixpac Dental Prosthetic
Place the application attachment on the mixing tip

Insert molding the tooth

  • Application attachment with optimal interlocking for precise application
  • Colibri for convenient, safe and dead-on insert molding
Sulzer Mixpac Dental Prosthetic
Precise application on dental arch

Application on dental arch

Sulzer Mixpac Dental Prosthetic
Apply temporary crown and bridge material in an existing impression

Temporary restoration

  • T-mixer for homogeneous mixing results and minimal material loss
  • Mixing tip extending from the tip for precise discharging
  • Ergonomic cartridge for simple handling