Safe and convenient handling with maximum flexibility

One-component solutions for simple and safe dispensing and application of materials for caries infiltration, fluoridation, desensitization, tooth sealing and much more.

Sulzer Mixpac Dental Esthetic
Sulzer Mixpac Dental Prevention
Ergonomic design supports safe and convenient handling

MIXPAC™ 1ml System

  • Ergonomic cartridge and pestle for convenient handling
  • Luer lock connector as standardized interface
  • Bendable and rotating tip for maximum flexibility
  • Different tip diameters
Sulzer Mixpac Dental Prevention
Easy and quick handling with the bendable applicator

Dip 'n Do

  • MIXPAC™ Dip 'n Do 0.16 – 0.24 ml
  • Pre-assembled applicator for easy single-handed activation
  • Flocked tip for uniform application
  • Bendable applicator for individual intraoral work