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We are great team players and seek solutions together.
We ask for help and don’t blame others.
We speak up and know that conflict is opportunity.
We show awareness and consider the impact of our own behaviors when dealing with others.
We value trust and support the team once decisions are made.
We listen to what others have to say during team discussions.
We are not only focused on our own views.
We know effective collaboration makes us unique and successful.


We are committed. We focus on the results to be delivered.
We understand the bigger picture and exercise good  judgement.
We understand the difference between ticking the box and achieving superior results.
We are effective time managers and meet customer expectations.
We know that quality and speed matter.
We are committed to working safely, and we also look out for the safety of our colleagues.
We act with integrity, honesty, and fairness in line with our code of conduct. 


We understand the market dynamics, embrace change, and adapt.
We challenge ourselves with new and different methods of working.
We are curious. We innovate, evolve, and continuously improve.
We adapt to new insights and new business priorities.
We take ownership for learning and development.
We appreciate diversity in all forms and seek inclusion. 


We are engaged and results driven. 
We strive for excellence. 
We are innovators.  We encourage bold thinking.
We listen. We understand. We act. 
We are dedicated to service.
We celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes.
We  have drive and determination and exhibit a can-do spirit.
We work hard and have fun.

Values and behaviors lead


We are excellent listeners.
We listen to opposing points of view in order to achieve the best result.
We do not need to show that we are smarter than others.
We gain agreement from people.
We establish effective relationships with others.
We communicate in clear and simple terms. We present points in a concise manner.


We see each person as an individual with something to contribute.
We know that businesses succeed because of the people involved.
We establish an environment of trust and create space for others to perform and grow.
We know that effective communication is key to driving high levels of engagement.
We hire and develop great people whom we believe in.
We promote a vision of the future that inspires others.


We understand that strategy is worthless without relentless execution. 
We care about the safety of our people above all.
We focus on solutions rather than obstacles.
We are simplifiers. We reduce complexity to achieve solutions everybody can understand.
We have high ethical standards and act with integrity, honesty, and fairness.
We are accountable and drive accountability in others. 


We act on conviction and with courage.
We are not afraid to take calculated risks.
We are comfortable with autonomy and dealing with ambiguity.
We encourage decision making at every level.
We anticipate the future consequences of our decisions. 
We make our decisions based on facts, and we are pragmatic.

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